Posted by: Caitlin | April 27, 2008

Raila O’Clock

I found this awesome Raila Odinga clock while sitting in the kind of traffic that makes you crazy enough to buy anything. When I bought the clock a few weeks ago, Raila had not yet been named prime minister, but I guess the manufacturer was fairly confident about how things would turn out. The vendor also had President Kibaki clocks and Kofi Annan clocks, but I couldn’t get the price low enough to buy all three.

Also, seeing these three former political rivals now sharing the pie as president, prime minister, and vice president makes the pain of the post-election violence more acute. Of course Kenyans welcome the outcome of the “Grand Coalition Government”, but with hindsight it is easy to ask how many lives and homes could have been saved if these three would have agreed to share power a bit earlier.

Maybe the U.S should forgo this whole drawn out primary and election process, create a prime minister post, and divvy up the three positions. Clinton for PM!


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