Posted by: Caitlin | March 11, 2008

The bad luck row

Is this normal?

I flew from Entebbe to Nairobi on Sunday on a new airline called Air Uganda.  I liked Air Uganda, which is operated by an Italian company called Celestairair-uganda.jpg, because they had comfortable seats and good food, and because they served wine and beer. The airline doesn’t have a Web site yet, but hey, you can’t have everything.

So, I go to board the flight in Entebbe, at check in the woman had written seat 13A on my boarding pass. But once aboard the plane I discovered there was no row 13! The rows jumped right from 12 to 14. I’ve heard of this superstition in hotels, but airplanes? My impression is that if something bad happens on a plane it is going to be pretty deleterious to everyone, no matter which row you’re in.

The funnier part is that I was still assigned to the non-existent row 13. Luckily seats 12A and 14A  were available.



  1. Hehe. They probably didn’t fly today.

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